25 Adelaide Street East, Suite 1710

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25 Adelaide Street East, Suite 1710

Toronto, ON, M5C 3A1



Value’s time to shine

Inflation and the economic recovery will support portfolio managers looking for deals By: Dwarka Lakhan After a decade-plus period of outperformance by growth stocks, value stocks are poised to benefit from improving economic conditions. Late last year, value stocks began outperforming growth stocks as vaccine approvals and the prospect of increased stimulus in a Democrat-led […]

Retirement myths and mistakes

Help your clients avoid these common misconceptions and missteps that can put their retirement at risk By: Dwarka Lakhan Although retirement expectations vary widely, most clients look forward to what they perceive as a comfortable retirement. For some, planning for retirement is all about having sufficient money to last them through their golden years. For […]

A higher purpose

Helping clients meet their financial goals rather than beating benchmarks By: Dwarka Lakhan Som Seif, unfazed by increasing competition in Canada’s ETF industry, is confident about building out Toronto-based Purpose Investments Inc., his second foray in the rapidly growing territory. “I have always been good at having a vision for the future, and focusing on […]

Talking to your clients about fund fees

Explain why some mutual funds, such as emerging markets, funds incur higher expenses than others By: Dwarka Lakhan As the second phase of the client relationship model (CRM2) comes into effect, you will no doubt be having a significant number of conversations with your clients about fees. One aspect of this topic that is often […]

Exempt-market investing limitations

Rule changes create opportunities, but they may not be available or suitable By: Dwarka Lakhan The new offering memorandum (OM) prospectus exemption provides retail clients with the opportunity to invest in myriad private-market investments that previously were available only to high net-worth, institutional and pension investors. However, availability does not necessarily mean accessibility and suitability, […]

New investment options for your clients

Retail investors in Ontario now have access to securities that previously were available only to accredited investors By: Dwarka Lakhan The introduction of a new offering memorandum (OM) prospectus exemption in Ontario on Jan. 13 makes raising capital easier for businesses. At the same time, the OM exemption creates new investment possibilities for your clients. […]

Risk and exempt-market investing

The new rules that have opened the exempt market to retail investors also offer enhanced investor protection By: Dwarka Lakhan Investing in products offered through the private capital markets is much easier now for retail investors in many provinces. That’s largely due to changes to the offering memorandum (OM) prospectus exemption rules, designed to provide […]